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                         Tesia Miller   Studio Owner

   Certified Classical Pilates Instructor

Tesia was born and raised on the beautiful Big Sur coast.  She went to the University of Colorado at Boulder to get her BA in Literature, and to do as much snowboarding as possible.  She graduated in 2003 and returned to California.  

Her Pilates journey began in her early twenties, when she began suffering from chronic back pain.  She was told by various doctors and physical therapists that it was due to different sports injuries (wakeboarding, horseback riding, snowboarding, etc.).  She discovered Pilates and realized the value and positive impact that it had on her physical conditioning and personal pain management.  

In 2008 she pursued her first Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training certification and finished in 2009.  She immediately started teaching at The Pilates Studio of Carmel, in beautiful downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea and has been there ever since. 

In 2017 Tesia proudly bought and assumed ownership of The Pilates Studio of Carmel and made it through the Covid pandemic as a small business owner.  In 2022, she decided to renew and further her love of the method by pursuing a new Classical Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training certification.  She completed this program, developed by the prestigious international school, The Pilates Standard, in October of 2023 at Monterey Bay Contrology with Teacher Trainer Alexandra Edwards.   


After a decade of misdiagnoses, Tesia was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylosis, an autoimmune disorder primarily affecting the spine and joints, and finally understands the root cause of her ongoing pain.  Because of her personal experience, she innately understands living and moving with pain.  She has worked with dozens of PT’s and health care practitioners over the years and has a strong and often intuitive understanding when working with clients who are dealing with injuries and chronic pain. She also enjoys working with those who want to deepen and challenge their Pilates practice.  All are welcome! 

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